Foundation follows the story
of 5 entrepreneurs among
the first to join STATION F.

Foundation’s ambition is to tell the genuine story of the human beings behind the startups, and to witness the first months ‘behind the scenes’ of the biggest startup campus in the world.

Each entrepreneur sheds a specific light on the startup ecosystem and on what it is to be an entrepreneur today: whether they work in AI or social business, whether they are French of American, whether they are men or women, they all have a different story to tell.

The award-winning director Olivier Blaecke followed them over the course of 5 months, in their daily lives, from STATION F to San Francisco, and WebSummit in Lisbon.

Authenticity, humor, emotion: Foundation is a unique dive into the world of entrepreneurs.

Meet the entrepreneurs

Loubna - Meet My Mama

Meet My Mama is the first catering platform for companies that hires “mamas” as chefs. The service not only provides high-quality, home-made, and unique world food, but is also a way to rehabilitate and empower women who struggled as refugees or immigrants. Loubna is 26 years old and comes from Metz. With her co-founders Donia and Youssef, they have integrated the STATION F’s Founders Program.

Jasmine Anteunis - Recast.AI

Recast.AI is the leading artificial intelligence bot platform. With more than 30,000 developers building more than 60,000 bots, Recast.AI offers a world class technology, an end-to-end bot platform as well as well as off-the-shelf customer support bots to lead the revolution of customer relations around the world. One of its four co-founders, Jasmine Anteunis, is only 26 years old, and studied Fine Arts before learning how to code at 42. After just 6 months at Microsoft’s program on campus, Recast.AI was acquired by SAP, becoming STATION F’s very first exit.

Justin and Julian - Torq Labs

Torq Labs provides professional and amateur athletes with connected clothing to track key health and performance indicators to prevent injuries. Justin and Julian are both former athletes who come from Madison Wisconsin in the U.S, and decided to move to Paris and join STATION F Founders Program shortly after launching their company.

Etienne - Les Sherpas

Les Sherpas enables hundreds of prep-schools pupils getting ready for business schools exams to get access to expert tutors using a simple interface, online. Etienne, who comes from Paris, is just 24 years old and co-founded the company while being a student himself. Les Sherpas is part of STATION F Founders Program

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